Resume of Journal Club (PDF)

FY 2015
A molecular shuttle that operates inside a metal-organic framework (Junfei Xing) PDF
A Multi-State, Allosterically-Regulated Molecular Receptor With Switchable Selectivity (Yi Zhou) PDF
Assembling molecular Sierpinski triangle fractals (Hiroki Nishioka) PDF
Oxidation of Ethane to Ethanol by N2O in a Metal-Organic Framework with Coordinatively Unsaturated Iron(II) Sites (Mayuko Isomura) PDF
All-cis 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexafluorocyclohexane is a facially polarized cyclohexane (Kento Inoue) PDF
Subnanoscale hydrophobic modulation of salt bridges in aqueous media (Takuya Tsubota) PDF
An allosteric photoredox catalyst inspired by photosynthetic machinery (Takenari Sato) PDF
Reversal of Huckel (anti)aromaticity in the lowest triplet states of hexaphyrins and spectroscopic evidence for Baird's rule (Tomoya Nakamura) PDF
A data-intensive approach to mechanistic elucidation applied to chiral anion catalysis (Kohei Hashimoto) PDF
Redox Control of the Binding Modes of an Organic Receptor (Anna Ichimura) PDF
Polaron pair mediated triplet generation in polymer/fullerene blends (Yuki Tachibana) PDF
Unidirectional rotary motion in achiral molecular motors (Hiroyoshi Hamada) PDF
The Daphniphyllum Alkaloids: Total Synthesis of (-)-Calyciphylline N (Satori Kowashi) PDF
An eight-step synthesis of epicolactone reveals its biosynthetic origin (Toki Go) PDF
Total Synthesis of Gelsemoxonine through a Spirocyclopropane Isoxazolidine Ring Contraction (Hiroki Hanayama) PDF
FY 2014
Terminal supraparticle assemblies from similarly charged protein molecules and nanoparticles (Junfei Xing) PDF
Copolymerization of carbon dioxide and butadiene via a lactone intermediate (Yuki Itabashi) PDF
Hydrochromic molecular switches for water-jet rewritable paper (Hiroki Nishioka) PDF
Living supramolecular polymerization realized through a biomimetic approach (Mizuki Kudo) PDF
Controlling intramolecular hydrogen transfer in a porphycene molecule with single atoms or molecules located nearby (Kei Matsumoto) PDF
Design Amphiphilic Dipolar -Systems for Stimuli-Responsive Luminescent Materials Using Metastable States (Mayuko Isomura) PDF
Total Synthesis of (+)-Ileabethoxazole via an Iron-Mediated Pauson-Khand [2 + 2 + 1] Carbocyclization (Takenari Sato) PDF
Mechanistic Insight into the Formation of Cationic Naked Nanocrystals Generated under Equilibrium Control (Takuya Tsubota) PDF
Templated Assembly of Photoswitches Significantly Increases the Energy-Storage Capacity of Solar Thermal Fuels (Tomoya Nakamura) PDF
The Highly Reactive Benzhydryl Cation Isolated and Stabilized in Water Ice (Kohei Hashimoto) PDF
High-resolution nanotransfer printing applicable to diverse surfaces via interface-targeted adhesion switching (Kento Inoue) PDF
Cyclopropene Cycloadditions with Annulated Furans: Total Synthesis of (+)-and (-)-Frondosin B and (+)-Frondosin A (Anna Ichimura) PDF
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of QRSTUVWXYZA Domains of Maitotoxin (Yuzuru Kanda) PDF
FY 2013
Single-nanoparticle phase transitions visualized by four-dimensional electron microscopy (Satoshi Okada) PDF
Solution-processed organic spin-charge converter (Kazutaka Shoyama) PDF
Nonheme Iron-Mediated Amination of C(sp3)-H Bonds. Quinquepyridine-Supported Iron-Imide/Nitrene Intermediates by Experimental Studies and DFT Calculations & Complex N-Heterocycle Synthesis via Iron-Catalyzed, Direct C-H Bond AminationSingle-nanoparticle phase transitions visualized by four-dimensional electron microscopy (Tatsuaki Matsubara) PDF
Biomolecular robotics for chemomechanically driven guest delivery fuelled by intracellular ATP (Junya Yamada) PDF
Highly ordered alignment of a vinyl polymer by host-guest cross-polymerization (Takakazu Seki) PDF
External Quantum Efficiency Above 100% in a Singlet-Exciton-Fission-Based Organic Photovoltaic Cell (Motoharu Oiki) PDF
Mechanical stimulation and solid seeding trigger single-crystal-to-single- crystal molecular domino transformations (Takumi Yoshida) PDF
A Grossly Warped Nanographene and The Consequences of Multiple Odd-membered-ring Defects (Yuki Itabashi) PDF
Total Synthesis of Lyconadines A-C (Mizuki Kudo) PDF
Organotextile Catalysis (Hiroki Sato) PDF
Brightening of carbon nanotube photoluminescence through the incorporation of sp3 defects (Hiroki Nishioka) PDF
Ammonia Formation by a Thiolate-Bridged Diiron Amide Complex as a Nitrogenase Mimic (Kei Matsumoto) PDF
Total Synthesis, Relay Synthesis, and Structural Confirmation of the C18-Norditerpenoid Alkaloid Neofinaconitine (Mayuko Isomura) PDF
Total Synthesis and Complete Structural Assignment of Yakufamide A (Saki Ichikawa) PDF
Stereoselective Total Synthesis of Hainanolidol and Harringtonolide via Oxidopyrylium-Based [5 + 2] Cycloadditon (Kento Inoue) PDF
Enantioselective Synthesis of Pactamycin, a Complex Antitumor Antibiotic (Tomoya Nakamura) PDF
14-Step Synthesis of (+)-Ingenol from (+)-3-Carene (Kohei Hashimoto) PDF
FY 2012
Organotrifluoroborate Hydrolysis: Boronic Acid Release Mechanism and an Acid-Base Paradox in Cross-Coupling (Ricardo Mizoguchi Gorgoll) PDF
Pathway complexity in supramolecular polymerization (Hirohisa Nitta) PDF
Construction of Covalent Organic Framework for Catalysis: Pd/COF-LZU1 in Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling Reaction (Eita Konno) PDF
A two-dimensional polymer prepared by organic synthesis (Satoshi Okada) PDF
The Role of Driving Energy and Delocalized States for Charge Separation in Organic Semiconductors (Kazutaka Shoyama) PDF
Self-Assembled Poly(imidazole-palladium): Highly Active, Reusable Catalyst at Parts per Million to Parts per Billion Levels (Tatsuaki Matsubara) PDF
Plasmonic nanosensors with inverse sensitivity by means of enzyme-guided crystal growth (Junya Yamada) PDF
Structural Correlations in the Generation of Polaron Pairs in Low-bandgap Polymers for Photovoltaics (Motoharu Oiki) PDF
Pulsating Tubules from Noncovalent Macrocycles (Takakazu Seki) PDF
Photoactive Chiral Metal-Organic Frameworks for Light-Driven Asymmetric alpha-Alkylation of Aldehydes (Takumi Yoshida) PDF
Stereocontrolled Organocatalytic Synthesis of Prostaglandin PGF in Seven Steps (Masashi Ugawa) PDF
Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Epidithio-, Epitetrathio-, and bis-(Methylthio)diketopiperazines: Synthetic Methodology, Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Epicoccin G, 8,8'-epi-ent-Rostratin B, Gliotoxin, Gliotoxin G, Emethallicin E, and Haematocin and Dicscovery of New Antiviral and Antimalarial Agents (Hiroki Sato) PDF
A Total Synthesis Prompts the Structure Revision of Haouamine B (Hiroki Nishioka) PDF
Total Synthesis of (})-Maoecrystal V (Kei Matsumoto) PDF
FY 2011
Catalytic Z-selective Olefin Cross-metathesis for Natural Product Synthesis (Yasuyuki Ueda) PDF
[Ni(PPh2NC6H4X2)2]2+ Complexes as Electrocatalysts for H2 Production: Effect of Substituents, Acids, and Water on Catalytic Rates (Junpei Sukegawa) PDF
Dramatic Reduction of IR Vibrational Cross Sections of Molecules Encapsulated in Carbon Nanotubes (Ricardo Mizoguchi Gorgoll) PDF
Metal-free Inorganic Ligands for Colloidal Nanocrystals: S2-, HS-, Se2-, Te2-, HTe-,TeS32-, OH-, and NH2- as Surface Ligands (Sunri Lee) PDF
Selectivity and Mechanism of Hydrogen Atom Transfer by an Isolable Imidoiron(III) Complex (Sobi Asako) PDF
Morphological Design of Porous Coordination Polymer Crystals by Coordination Modulation (Satoshi Okada) PDF
Selective Binding of O2 over N2 in a Redox-Active Metal-Organic Framework with Open Iron(II) Coordination Sites (Eita Konno) PDF
Overcoming Lability of Extremely Long Alkane Carbon-Carbon Bonds through Dispersion Forces (Kazutaka Shoyama) PDF
Selective , Room-Temperature Transformation of Methane to C1 Oxygenates by Deep UV Photolysis over Zeolites (Tatsuaki Matsubara) PDF
Directed Long-Range Molecular Migration Energized by Surface Reaction (Junya Yamada) PDF
Collective Synthesis of Natural Products by Means of Organocascade Catalysis (Motoharu Oiki) PDF
Total Synthesis of Phorboxazole A via de Novo Oxazole Formation (Mami Nakatake) PDF
Total Synthesis of Solanoeclepin A (Masayuki Hosaka) PDF
Scalable Enantioselective Total Synthesis of Taxanes (Takumi Yoshida) PDF
FY 2010
A Tumor-Acidity-Activated Charge-Conversional Nanogel as an Intelligent Vehicle for Promoted Tumoral-Cell Uptake and Drug Delivery (Kosuke Minami) PDF
Conjugated Polymers That Respond to Oxidation with Increased Emission (Yasuyuki Ueda) PDF
Experimental evidence for the functional relevance of anion- interactions (Junpei Sukegawa) PDF
Amidinium Carboxylate Salt Bridges as a Recognition Motif for Mechanically Interlocked Molecules: Synthesis of an Optically Active [2]Catenane and Control of Its Structure (Eri Nishiyama) PDF
Catalyst Selection Based on Intermediate Stability Measured by Mass Spectrometry (Sobi Asako) PDF
Organic Structure Determination Using Atomic-Resolution Scanning Probe Microcopy (Motoaki Kobayashi) PDF
Mechanism of Pd(NHC)-Catalyzed Transfer Hydrogenation of Alkynes (Hirohisa Nitta) PDF
Tunable Chiral Reaction Media Based on Two-Component Liquid Cristals: Regio-, Diastereo-, and Enantiocontrolled Photodimerization of Anthracenecarboxylic Acids (Ricardo Mizoguchi Gorgoll) PDF
Total Synthesis of Englerin A (Satoshi Okada) PDF
Scalable Total Synthesis of N-Linked Tryptamine Dimers by Direct Indole-Aniline Coupling: Psychotrimine and Kapakahines B and F (Kaori Kubo) PDF
Total Synthesis of Bryostatin 16 using a Pd-Catalyzed Diyne Coupling as Macrocyclization Method and Synthesis of C20-epi-Bryostatin 7 as a Potent Anticancer Agent (Eita Konno) PDF
Synthesis of the WXYZA' Domain of Maitotoxin (Kazutaka Shoyama) PDF