• 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1815th

    Prof. Iwao Ojima(Stony Brook University)

    "Molecular Design and Synthesis at the Interface of Chemistry, Biology and Medicine"

  • 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1820th

    Prof. Cynthia J. Burrows (University of Utah)

    Beyond Watson & Crick: Roles for Alternative Bases and Folds in the Genome

  • 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1816th

    Prof. Marcin Stepien (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)

    "Carbon-Rich π-Aromatic Surfaces: Topology, Curvature, and Function"

  • 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1814th

    Dr Xavier GUINCHARD (Institute for the Chemistry of Substances Natural)

    "Enantioselective Au(I)-Catalyzed Elaboration of Polycyclic Indolic Scaffolds”