• 講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1614th

    Prof. Takashi Ito (Department of Chemistry, Kansas State University, USA)

    Single-Molecule Fluorescence Studies of Block Copolymer Microdomains

  • 講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1617th

    Prof. Mikiko Sodeoka(RIKEN)

    Design and Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules Based on Natural Products

  • 講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1615th

    Prof. Vladimir Golovko (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)

    Uncovering structure-property relationships: from studies of pure and supported metal clusters and colloids to their use in catalysis and sensing

  • 講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1613rd

    Prof. Stephen Fletcher (Chemistry Research Laboratory, University of Oxford)

    Exploring physical autocatalysis and dynamic kinetic asymmetric additions to racemic starting materials