• 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1700th

    Dr. Antonina Roll-Mecak (Senior Investigator and Chief Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit Porter Neuroscience Research Center NINDS and NHLBI National Institutes of Health)

    How cells read and write the tubulin code

  • 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1699th

    Professor Sreebrata Goswami (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science)

    Chemical Reactivity of Metal Coordinated Azo-Aromatics. Present and Future

  • 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1701st

    Dr. Adrian Ferre-D'Amare (Senior Investigator, Biochemistry & Biophysics Center National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, NIH)

    RNA mimics of fluorescent proteins: new tools for the in vivo study of non-coding RNAs

  • 今後の講演会

    Zasshikai seminar 1702nd

    Dr. Akane Kawamura ( Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow, University Research Lecturer Department of Chemistry, Radcliffe Department of Medicine)

    Development of Chemical Probes for 2OG oxygenases