終了Zasshikai seminar 1861st, Prof. Yun Seok Hyun, “Laser Particles for Single-Cell Analysis”


  • 日時
    2022/10/28 13:00~14:00
  • 会場
    化学本館4階講義室 ⇒ 理学部1号館東棟2階279号室へ変更になりました(10/25)
  • 講師
    Prof. Yun Seok Hyun (Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School)
  • 演目
    "Laser Particles for Single-Cell Analysis"
  • 担当
    Prof. Keisuke Goda (ext.24329) , Department of Chemistry, School of Science


*This is one of “Special Lecture on Advanced ChemistryⅦ (35606-1107/0530081)” for both undergraduate and graduate students.
*This seminar is held as Zasshi-kai award lecture.