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Development of Highly Stereoselective Catalysts in Organic Synthesis

 Development of selective transformation reactions to obtain only target molecules without formation of any by-product is a very important research topic from a viewpoint for saving energy and reducing chemical wastes. Therefore, development of new catalysts overcoming those problems is highly desired. Recently, our group is interested in asymmetric catalysis to prepare optically active intermediates as a single enantiomer, and has developed chiral zirconium, niobium, copper, and silver catalysts for various catalytic carbon-carbon bond forming reactions. Now, we are focusing on development of chiral alkaline earth metal catalysts, which are ubiquitous, safe and cheap elements, and on development of metal amides as strong basic catalysts for reactions of less acidic substrates.


  1. Development of metal amides as catalysts for organic reactions
  2. Development of catalytic asymmetric reactions using alkaline earth metal complexes
  3. Development of methodologies for activation of less reactive substrates
  4. Development of catalytic reactions using organosuperbases