Research Overview

 Synthetic organic chemistry is located on the center of “Monozukuri (art of creation)” of chemical products. Our laboratory succeeds traditional synthetic organic chemistry and aim to develop it more and pave the way of new science based on synthetic organic chemistry. We actively engage in accordance of human being and environment and global environment preservation from the stand point of Monozukuri and in addition to a development of organic reactions that achieve high yield and high selectivity, our main subjects are how to effectively utilize our limited resource on Earth and reduce waste and how to obtain only the desired product selectively. To contribute welfare and health of human being, we are developing useful synthetic methods for preparation of medicinal drugs, in particular efficient catalytic system and asymmetric catalysis. Moreover, we address energy problems and attempt to solve them from synthetic organic chemistry. Although “Rigaku” is the pure science that focus on pursuit of universal truth of things and elucidation of rational and fundamental principal of nature, due to the unexpectedly short distance between basis and application in the field of chemistry our laboratory also aim at encouragement to society by development of unique basic research as well as support of applied research and furthermore, practical research ensured by our unwavering original basic research.

 Our laboratory promotes research based on the following six topics as the central pillars with cooperation each other.

・Organic reactions explored in water

・Development of highly stereoselective catalysts in organic synthesis

・Novel heterogeneous catalysts

・Development of new methodologies for organic reactions

・Continuous Flow Chemistry for Fine Chemical Synthesis

・Synthesis of bioactive compounds

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