Publication List(2005)

Catalytic Enantioselective Mannich Reactions

M. Ueno, S. Kobayashi

ENANTIOSELECTIVE SYNTHESIS OF BETA-AMINO ACIDS, , 2ND EDITION, 139-157 (2005). DOI: 10.1002/0471698482.ch6

Synthesis of a New Chiral Source, (1R,2S)-1-Phenylphospholane-2-carboxylic Acid, via a Key Intermediate α-Phenylphospholanyllithium Borane Complex. Configurational Stability and X-ray Crystal Structure of α-Monophosphinoalkyllithium Borane Complex,
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A Novel Dinuclear Chiral Niobium Complex for Lewis Acid-catalyzed Enantioselective Reactions; Design of a Tridentate Ligand and Elucidation of the Catalyst Structure,
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α-Aminoallylation of aldehydes in aqueous ammonia,
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Direct Addition of Glycine Derivatives to Enamines,
J. Kobayashi, Y. Yamashita, S. Kobayashi,
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Direct Synthesis of Unprotected α-Amino Acids via Allylation of Hydroxyglycine,
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Immobilization of a Platinum Catalyst Using the Polymer Incarceration (PI) Method and Application to Catalytic Reactions,
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CERT mediates intermembrane transfer of various molecular species of ceramides,
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Novel Microencapsulated Osmium Catalyst Using Cross-linked Polystyrene as an Efficient Catalyst for Asymmetric Dihydroxylation of Olefins in Water,
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J. Kobayashi, Y. Mori, S. Kobayashi,
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New Efficient Method for the Synthesis of Chiral 2,2'-Bipyridyl Ligands,
S. Ishikawa, T. Hamada, K. Manabe, S. Kobayashi,
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M. Sugiura, S. Kobayashi,
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A C 2 -Symmetric Nickel Diamine Complex as an Asymmetric Catalyst for Enecarbamate Additions to Butane-2,3-dione,
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Org. Biomol. Chem.,
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Highly Active, Immobilized Ruthenium Catalysts for Oxidation of Alcohols to Aldehydes and Ketones.   Preparation and Use in Both Batch and Flow Systems,
S. Kobayashi, H. Miyamura, R. Akiyama, T. Ishida,
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Catalytic Pictet-Spengler Reactions Using Yb(OTf)3,
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Polymer-Micelle Incarcerated Scandium as a Highly Active Polymer-Supported Catalyst for High-Throughput Organic Synthesis,
M. Takeuchi, R. Akiyama, S. Kobayashi,
J. Am. Chem. Soc
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Chiral Zirconium Catalysts Using Multidentate BINOL Derivatives for Catalytic Enantioselective Mannich-Type Reactions; Ligand Optimization and Approaches to Elucidation of the Catalyst Structure,
Y. Ihori, Y. Yamashita, H. Ishitani, S. Kobayashi,
J. Am. Chem. Soc
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A New Chiral P,N-Ligand Derived from Phenyl-P-proline for Palladium-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Substitution Reactions,
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Convenient Synthesis of a -Amino Amides Using Low-Valent Tantalum Prepared from TaCl5 and Zn,
H. Shimizu, S. Kobayashi,
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Novel Polymer Incarcerated Palladium with Phosphinated Polymers: Active Catalyst for Suzuki-Miyaura Coupling without External Phosphines,
R. Nishio, M. Sugiura, S. Kobayashi,
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Catalytic Asymmetric Ring Opening of meso -Epoxides with Aromatic Amines in Water,
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Triphase Hydrogenation Reactions Utilizing Pd-Immobilized Capillary Column Reactors and a Demonstration of Suitability for Large Scale Synthesis,
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Adv. Synth. Catal
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Cyanation of N -Acylhydrazones with Trimethylsilyl Cyanide Promoted by a Br?nsted Base and a Lewis Acid,
H. Konishi, C. Ogawa, M. Sugiura, S. Kobayashi,
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Polymer-micelle Incarcerated Ruthenium Catalysts for Oxidation of Alcohols and Sulfides,
H. Miyamura, R. Akiyama, T. Ishida, R. Matsubara, S. Kobayashi,
, 61 , 12177-12185 (2005).

Bismuth Triflate-Chiral Bipyridine Complexes as Water-Compatible Chiral Lewis Acids,
S. Kobayashi, T. Ogino, H. Shimizu, S. Ishikawa, T. Hamada, K. Manabe,
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Bismuth Triflate-Chiral Bipyridine Complex Catalyzed Asymmetric Ring Opening Reactions of meso-Epoxide in Water,
C. Ogawa, S. Azoulay, S. Kobayashi,
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