Zhang Yuchen

Postdoctoral Fellow

City/country of origin
Wuhan, China
Soccer, Foodie, Anime, Gaming, and Traveling
Places You Like
Anywhere where I can sleep well
Where for a big vacation
Antarctica, Key west, Ice land, Kilimanjaro national park...
What are your strong points?
Easy going, Talktive, Knowing a lot of trivia...
Music: what is some intense music for intense lab work?
ignited -イグナイテッド, the biggest dreamer, 岚の中で辉いて, get over, you get to burning
What are people in the lab doing?
What was surprising about the suga lab
Marvelous facilities and distinctive individuals
Original motivation towards science?
Instinctive curiosity about everything
A few words for future lab mates
Science is…….
Challenging the nature

Education & professional career

B.Sc., Pharmacy, Wuhan University
Thesis advisor Prof. Tiangang Liu
Ph.D., Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Wuhan University
Thesis advisor Prof. Tiangang Liu
Postdoctoral Fellow, Bioorganic Chemistry, The University of Tokyo
Advisor, Prof. Hiroaki Suga


"Comparative studies of glycolytic pathways and channeling under in vitro and in vivo modes."
M.H. Abernathy; Y. Zhang; W.D. Hollinshead; G. Wang; E.E. Baidoo; T. Liu; Y.J. Tang
AIChE Journal, (2018)
"Enhancing the efficiency of cell-free protein synthesis system by systematic titration of transcription and translation components."
Y. Zhang; Q. Huang; Z. Deng; Y. Xu; T. Liu
Biochemical Engineering Journal, 138, 47-53 (2018)
"Strategies for Enhancing the Yield of the Potent Insecticide Spinosad in Actinomycetes."
H. Tao; Y. Zhang; Z. Deng; T. Liu
Biotechnology journal, 1700769 (2018)
"In vitro reconstitution and optimization of the entire pathway to convert glucose into fatty acid."
Z. Liu; Y. Zhang; X. Jia; M. Hu; Z. Deng; Y. Xu; T. Liu
ACS synthetic biology, 6, 701-709 (2017)
"Absolute quantification of proteins in the fatty acid biosynthetic pathway using protein standard absolute quantification."
H. Tao; Y. Zhang; X. Cao; Z. Deng; T. Liu
Synthetic and systems biotechnology, 1, 150-157 (2016)
"Engineering an iterative polyketide pathway in Escherichia coli results in single-form alkene and alkane overproduction."
Q. Liu; K. Wu; Y. Cheng; L. Lu; E. Xiao; Y. Zhang; Z. Deng; T. Liu
Metabolic engineering, 28, 82-90 (2015)
"Metabolic engineering of microbes for branched-chain biodiesel production with low-temperature property."
H. Tao; D. Guo; Y. Zhang; Z. Deng; T. Liu
Biotechnology for biofuels, 8, 92 (2015)

Contact info

    • E-mail… yczhang"at"chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (change "at" to @)