Alex Vinogradov

Project Assistant Professor

Coding, data
Places You Like
Anywhere is fine really
Where for a big vacation
Antarctica and subantarctic islands. Would love to hang out with penguins for a few months
What are your strong points?
I am really good at differentiating colors
Music: what is some intense music for intense lab work?
What are people in the lab doing?
Science, I guess
What was surprising about the suga lab
The number of thermal cyclers in lab. I knew there would be a lot, but still...
Original motivation towards science?
None: one random event led to another, and here I am!
A few words for future lab mates
Science is…….

Education & professional career

Ph.D., Prof. Bradley Pentelute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA
Specialist in chemistry, Prof. Nikolay Zyk, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


"Solid-Phase-Based Synthesis of Lactazole-Like Thiopeptides."
Y. Zhang; A.A. Vinogradov; J.S. Chang; Y. Goto; H. Suga
Organic Letters, 24, 7894-7899 (2022)
"De Novo Discovery of Thiopeptide Pseudo-natural Products Acting as Potent and Selective TNIK Kinase Inhibitors."
A.A. Vinogradov; Y. Zhang; K. Hamada; J.S. Chang; C. Okada; H. Nishimura; N. Terasaka; Y. Goto; K. Ogata; T. Sengoku; H. Onaka; H. Suga
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 144, 20332-20341 (2022)
"Accurate Models of Substrate Preferences of Post-Translational Modification Enzymes from a Combination of mRNA Display and Deep Learning."
A.A. Vinogradov; J.S. Chang; H. Onaka; Y. Goto; H. Suga
ACS Central Science, 8, 814-824 (2022)
"Site-Specific Nonenzymatic Peptide S/O-Glutamylation Reveals the Extent of Substrate Promiscuity in Glutamate Elimination Domains."
A.A. Vinogradov; M. Nagano; Y. Goto; H. Suga
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 143, 13358-13369 (2021)
"Minimal lactazole scaffold for in vitro thiopeptide bioengineering."
A.A. Vinogradov; M. Shimomura; Y. Goto; Y. Sugai; H. Suga; H. Onaka
Nature Communications, 11, 2272 (2020)
"Accurate Broadcasting of Substrate Fitness for Lactazole Biosynthetic Pathway from Reactivity-Profiling mRNA Display."
A.A. Vinogradov; E. Nagai; J.S. Chang; K. Narumi; H. Onaka; Y. Goto; H. Suga
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 142, 20329-20334 (2020)
"Macrocyclic Peptides As Drug Candidates: Recent Progress and Remaining Challenges."
A.A. Vinogradov; Y. Yin; H. Suga
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 4167-4181 (2019)
"Flexizyme-Enabled Benchtop Biosynthesis of Thiopeptides."
S.R. Fleming; T.E. Bartges; A.A. Vinogradov; C.L. Kirkpatrick; Y. Goto; H. Suga; L.M. Hicks; A.A. Bowers
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 141, 758-762 (2019)
"Access to 5-fluoroisoxazoles via the nitrosation of geminal bromo-fluoro arylcyclopropanes."
O.B. Bondarenko; A.A. Vinogradov; A.I. Komarov; G.L. Karetnikov; N.V. Zyk; T. Holt; A.G. Kutateladze
Tetrahedron, 75, 2861-2865 (2019)
"Site-Selective Cysteine–Cyclooctyne Conjugation."
C. Zhang; P. Dai; A.A. Vinogradov; Z.P. Gates; B.L. Pentelute
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 57, 6459-6463 (2018)
"Xenoprotein engineering via synthetic libraries."
Z.P. Gates; A.A. Vinogradov; A.J. Quartararo; A. Bandyopadhyay; Z.-N. Choo; E.D. Evans; K.H. Halloran; A.J. Mijalis; S.K. Mong; M.D. Simon; E.A. Standley; E.D. Styduhar; S.Z. Tasker; F. Touti; J.M. Weber; J.L. Wilson; T.F. Jamison; B.L. Pentelute
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, E5298-E5306 (2018)
"Library Design-Facilitated High-Throughput Sequencing of Synthetic Peptide Libraries."
A.A. Vinogradov; Z.P. Gates; C. Zhang; A.J. Quartararo; K.H. Halloran; B.L. Pentelute
ACS Combinatorial Science, 19, 694-701 (2017)
"C-Terminal Modification of Fully Unprotected Peptide Hydrazides via in Situ Generation of Isocyanates."
A.A. Vinogradov; M.D. Simon; B.L. Pentelute
Organic Letters, 18, 1222-1225 (2016)
"Macrocyclization of Unprotected Peptide Isocyanates."
A.A. Vinogradov; Z.N. Choo; K.A. Totaro; B.L. Pentelute
Organic Letters, 18, 1226-1229 (2016)
"D -Amino Acid Scan of Two Small Proteins."
M.D. Simon; Y. Maki; A.A. Vinogradov; C. Zhang; H. Yu; Y.S. Lin; Y. Kajihara; B.L. Pentelute
Journal of the American Chemical Society, 138, 12099-12111 (2016)
"Synthesis of 5-fluoro- and 5-bromoalkylisoxazoles via nitrosation of 1,1-dihalocyclopropanes with sulfur trioxide activated nitrosyl chloride."
O.B. Bondarenko; A.A. Vinogradov; A.I. Komarov; A.S. Smirnov; N.V. Zyk
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 185, 201-205 (2016)
"Total synthesis and biochemical characterization of mirror image barnase."
A.A. Vinogradov; E.D. Evans; B.L. Pentelute
Chemical Science, 6, 2997-3002 (2015)
"Nitrosation of 2-aryl-1,1-dibromocyclopropanes: Synthesis of 3-aryl-5-bromoisoxazoles."
O.B. Bondarenko; A.A. Vinogradov; P.A. Danilov; S.N. Nikolaeva; A.Y. Gavrilova; N.V. Zyk
Tetrahedron Letters, 56, 6577-6579 (2015)
"Rapid flow-based peptide synthesis."
M.D. Simon; P.L. Heider; A. Adamo; A.A. Vinogradov; S.K. Mong; X. Li; T. Berger; R.L. Policarpo; C. Zhang; Y. Zou; X. Liao; A.M. Spokoyny; K.F. Jensen; B.L. Pentelute
ChemBioChem, 15, 713-720 (2014)
"Rapid total synthesis of DARPin pE59 and barnase."
S.K. Mong; A.A. Vinogradov; M.D. Simon; B.L. Pentelute
ChemBioChem, 15, 721-733 (2014)
"New anion-conducting solid solutions Bi1-xTex(O,F)2+δ (x > 0.5) and glass-ceramic material on their base."
V.A. Prituzhalov; E.I. Ardashnikova; A.A. Vinogradov; V.A. Dolgikh; J.J. Videau; E. Fargin; A.M. Abakumov; N.V. Tarakina; G. Van Tendeloo
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 132, 1110-1116 (2011)

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