Alex Vinogradov

Project Assistant Professor

Coding, data
Places You Like
Anywhere is fine really
Where for a big vacation
Antarctica and subantarctic islands. Would love to hang out with penguins for a few months
What are your strong points?
I am really good at differentiating colors
Music: what is some intense music for intense lab work?
What are people in the lab doing?
Science, I guess
What was surprising about the suga lab
The number of thermal cyclers in lab. I knew there would be a lot, but still...
Original motivation towards science?
None: one random event led to another, and here I am!
A few words for future lab mates
Science is…….

Education & professional career

Ph.D., Prof. Bradley Pentelute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA, USA
Specialist in chemistry, Prof. Nikolay Zyk, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia


"C ‑Terminal Modification of Fully Unprotected Peptide Hydrazides via in Situ Generation of Isocyanates."
A. Vinogradov; M. Simon; B. Pentelute
Organic Letters, 18, 1222-1225 (2016)
"Macrocyclization of Unprotected Peptide Isocyanates."
A. Vinogradov; Z.-n. Choo; K. Totaro; B. Pentelute
Organic Letters, 18, 1226-1229 (2016)
"D‑Amino Acid Scan of Two Small Proteins."
M. Simon; Y. Maki; A. Vinogradov; C. Zhang; H. Yu; Y.-s. Lin; Y. Kajihara; B. Pentelute
Journal of American Chemical Society, 138, 12099-12111 (2016)
"Synthesis of 5-fluoro- and 5-bromoalkylisoxazoles via nitrosation of 1,1-dihalocyclopropanes with sulfur trioxide activated nitrosyl chloride."
O. Bondarenko; A. Vinogradov; A. Komarov; A. Smirnov; N. Zyk
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 185, 201-205 (2016)
"Total synthesis and biochemical characterization of mirror image barnase."
A. Vinogradov; E. Evans; B. Pentelute
Chemical Science, 6, 2997-3002 (2015)
"Nitrosation of 2-aryl-1,1-dibromocyclopropanes: synthesis of 3-aryl-5-bromoisoxazoles."
O. Bondarenko; A. Vinogradov; P. Danilov; S. Nikolaeva; A. Yu; N. Zyk
Tetrahedron Letters, 56, 6577-6579 (2015)
"Rapid Flow-Based Peptide Synthesis."
M. Simon; P. Heider; A. Adamo; A. Vinogradov; S. Mong; X. Li; T. Berger; R. Policarpo; C. Zhang; Y. Zou; X. Liao; A. Spokoyny; K. Jensen; B. Pentelute
Chembiochem, 15, 713-720 (2014)
"Rapid Total Synthesis of DARPin pE59 and Barnase."
S. Mong; A. Vinogradov; M. Simon; B. Pentelute
Chembiochem, 15, 721-733 (2014)
"New anion-conducting solid solutions Bi1-xTex(O,F)2+d (x > 0.5) and glass–ceramic material on their base."
V. Prituzhalov; E. Ardashnikova; A. Vinogradov; V. Dolgikh; J. Videau; E. Fargin; A. Abakumov; N. Tarakina; G.V. Tendeloo
Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, 132, 1110-1116 (2011)

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