Graduate Students



【重要】(大学院)2016年度Sセメスター後半授業の履修届けについて Course Registration for the 2nd half of 2016 S semester





Please be informed that there is the course registration period for the 2nd half of 2016 S semester.

Monday, June 6th ~ Friday, June 17, 2016

Please make sure to register the courses through UT-mate and bring the registration copy

with your professor’s stamp by Friday, June 17 at the Chemistry office.


参考/ For your references

Sセメスター後半 開講日程/ Opening schedule for the 2nd half of S semester

35606-0029  分析化学特論III Advanced Analytical Chemistry III(佐藤 Sato/松尾 Matsuo)  6/6(Mon) 13:25-16:40

35606-0053  無機・分析化学基礎II Basic Inorganic/ Analytical Chemistry II (長谷川 Hasegawa/小澤 Ozawa)  6/7(Tue) 8:30-10:15

35606-0049  物理化学基礎II Basic Physical Chemistry II (歸家 Kanya/佐々木 Sasaki)   6/7(Tue)10:25-12:10

35606-0055 有機化学基礎II Basic Organic Chemistry II (小林 Kobayashi/山下 Yamashita)  6/7(Tue)13:00-14:45

35606-0030分析化学特論IV Advanced Analytical Chemistry IV(平田 Hirata/岡田 Okada)  6/9(Thu)10:25-12:10





Please make sure all courses in A semester (both 1st and 2nd half) must be registered in the registration period in

the beginning of A semester ( Sep. 26 – Oct. 7). There is no registration period in the middle of A semester.