Zasshikai Lectureship


Established in 2012, Zasshikai Lectureship is one of Zasshikai (Journal Club)'s programs in the Department of Chemistry. The goal of the prestigious lectureship is to invite a few young, world-leading researchers every year to give lectures about their cutting-edge research to faculty and students in the department.


化学特別講義Ⅷ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅷ

Prof. Aschauer_Ulrich_Johannes
Carbon-Rich π-Aromatic Surfaces: Topology, Curvature, and Function
Lecturer:Prof. Marcin Stepien (Uniwersytet Wrocławski)
Host:Prof. Isobe

化学特別講義Ⅶ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅶ

Prof. Aschauer_Ulrich_Johannes
Molecular magnetism in conjugated carbon materials: the structural, electronic and quantum properties
Lecturer:Prof. Lapo Bogani (University of Oxford)
Host:Prof. Ohkoshi

化学特別講義Ⅸ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅸ

Prof. Aschauer_Ulrich_Johannes
The electronic properties of hybrid molecular metal oxides
Lecturer:Ass. Prof. Graham N. Newton (University of Nottingham)
Host:Prof. Nishihara


化学特別講義Ⅵ Special Lecture on Advanced ChemistryⅥ

Prof. Aschauer_Ulrich_Johannes
Atomic scale structure and reactivity of perovskite oxynitrides
Lecturer:Prof. Ulrich Aschauer (Universität Bern)
Host:Prof. Hasegawa

化学特別講義Ⅴ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅴ

Assistant Professor Albert Bowers
New Insights into Peptide Processing Enzymes in Natural Product Biosynthesis
Lecturer:Dr. Albert Bowers (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
Host:Prof. Suga

化学特別講義Ⅳ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅳ

Prof. Huailiang Xu
Femtosecond filamentation nonlinear spectroscopy and application
Lecturer:Prof. Huailiang Xu(College of Electronic Science and Engineering, State Key Laboratory on Integrated Optoelectronics, Jilin University)
Host:Prof. Yamanouchi


化学特別講義Ⅲ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅲ

Prof. Eric Meggers
Asymmetric Catalysis Directed by Metal-Centered Chirality
Lecturer:Prof. Eric Meggers (Philipps-Universität Marburg)
Host:Prof. Shionoya

化学特別講義Ⅱ Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry Ⅱ

Prof. Shunsuke CHIBA
Molecular Transformation by Sodium Hydride-Iodide Composite
Lecturer:Prof. Shunsuke CHIBA (Nanyang Technological University)
Host:Prof. Kobayashi

化学特別講義I Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry I

Prof. Eric Olaf POTMA
Coherent Raman Scattering of Single Molecules
Lecturer:Prof. Eric Olaf POTMA (University of California Irvine)
Host:Prof. Goda


化学特別講義IV Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry IV

Cancer Theranastics
Lecturer:Dr.Xiaoyuan(Shawn)Chen(National Insutitutes of Health)
Host:Prof. Ozawa

化学特別講義VII Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry VII

Prof. Osman M. Bakr
The Growth and Bottom-Up Assembly of Hybrid Semiconductor Materials: from Atomically Precise Nanoclusters to Organic-Inorganic Perovskites
Lecturer:Prof. Osman M. Bakr(King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia)
Host:Prof. Tsukuda


化学特別講義IV Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry IV

No Photo
Zero-valent iron, iron oxides, and high-valent iron compounds for applications in energy, environmental, and biomedical applications and novel magnetic features in 2D graphene-based systems
Lecturer:Associate Prof. Jiří Tuček Associate(チェコ共和国オロモウツ・パラツキー大学)
Host:Prof. Ohkoshi

化学特別講義V Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry V

Prof. Ian R. Baxendale
Flow Synthesis – 15 years of creating puddles
Lecturer:Prof. Ian R. Baxendale(University of Durham)
Host:Prof. Kobayashi

化学特別講義VI Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry VI

No Photo
Functional Metal Complexes with Non-Innocent Ligands: Catalysis and Switching
Lecturer:Prof. Biprajit Sarkar(Freie Universität Berlin Institut für Chemie und BiochemieAnorganische Chemie)
Host:Prof. Nishihara


化学特別講義I Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry I

No Photo
Electronic pre-determination of molecular reaction dynamics
Lecturer:Dr.Markus Kitzler(Vienna University of Technology)
Host:Prof. Yamanouchi

化学特別講義II Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry II

No Photo
Biosynthetic sulfur transfers
Lecturer:Prof. Florian P. Seebeck(バーゼル大学)
Host:Prof. Suga

化学特別講義III Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry III

No Photo
Band gap opening of Dirac particle system in graphene and investigation of Schwinger pair creation
Lecturer:Prof. Wen-Bin Jian(National Chiao Tung University)
Host:Prof. Hasegawa


化学特別講義VII Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry VII

No Photo
Inducing Limited Transparency in Tissues by Time-Reversing Light
Lecturer:Prof. Changhuei Yang(California Institute of Technology (Caltech))
Host:Prof. Goda

化学特別講義VIII Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry VIII

No Photo
New methods for protein chemical synthesis
Lecturer:Prof. Liu Lei(清華大)
Host:Prof. Nakamura

化学特別講義IX Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry IX

No Photo
Designing complex self-assembled materials from simple building blocks
Lecturer:Dr. Jonathan Nitschke(Cambridge大)
Host:Prof. Shionoya


化学特別講義VI Special Lecture on Advanced Chemistry VI

Prof. Nanfeng Zheng
Control over the Surface and Interfacial Structure of Metal Nanocrystals for Catalysis and Bioapplications
Lecturer:Prof. Nanfeng Zheng(Xiamen University)
Host:Prof. Tsukuda
No Photo
Strategies in Selective Organometallic Catalysis
Lecturer:Prof. Clément Mazet(University of Geneva)
Host:Prof. Kobayashi