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ZESTY Network Seminar

  • ZESTYセミナー
  • ZESTYセミナー

ZESTYセミナー(Zasshi-kai Exchange Seminar for Top Young Scientists for International Network in Chemistry)は2008年より始まりました。化学専攻の大学院生や若手研究者が主催者となり、化学教室雑誌会の支援を受けて年2回程度開催されるセミナーで、研究室や専攻の垣根を越え、国際的な人脈交流を目的とする企画です。口頭発表に続きポスター発表を英語で行っており、参加者間で活発な議論が行われています。学部生の参加も歓迎しています。

“ZESTY Network (Zasshi-kai Exchange Seminar for Top Young Scientists for International Network in Chemistry)” is a regular seminar of the Department of Chemistry on research progress reports in English for the international exchange among staff members, post-doctorial fellows, and students, started in 2008. This seminar provides a valuable opportunity for studying research subjects of other laboratories of the Department of Chemistry, and the formation of the network of young chemists. We welcome the attendance of junior students at the seminar to learn current research topics of the laboratories of the Department of Chemistry.


27th ZESTY Network seminar (2019/June 19)

Mizuki Endo
Optical Control of Neurite Outgrowth Direction in Living Organisms with Light-Induced Protein Oligomerization System
Speaker: Mizuki Endo (Ozawa Lab.)
Kazuyuki Tsuruoka
Size-Dependent Polymorphism in Aluminum Carbide Clusters
Speaker: Kazuyuki Tsuruoka (Tsukuda Lab.)
Tatsuru Mio
Unbiased Rotational Motions of an Ellipsoidal Guest in a Tight Yet Pliable Host
Speaker: Tatsuru Mio (Isobe Lab.)
2019/June 19


26th ZESTY Network seminar (2018/July 19)

Kenichiro Omoto
Paraffinic metal-organic polyhedrons –– solution-processable modules for soft-porous material with 3D molecular order ––
Speaker: Kenichiro Omoto (Nishihara Lab.)
Angelina Frank
Time-Domain Observation of Four-wave-Mixing on Plasmonic Surfaces
Speaker: Angelina Frank(Goda Lab.)
Prince Ravat
Cethrene: A Journey from reactive biradicaloid to chiroptical photoswitch
Speaker: Prince Ravat(Nakamura Lab.)
2018/July 19


25th ZESTY Network seminar (2018/Mar 15)

Synthesis and characterisation of chiral LnIII-[WV(CN)8] molecular magnets showing second harmonic generation phenomenon
Speaker: Olaf STEFANCZYK (Ohkoshi Lab.)
RaPID ways for the discovery of novel cancer therapy approaches
Speaker: Manuel E. OTERO-RAMIREZ (Suga Lab.)
Michitaka FUKUMOTO
Investigation of electronic transport properties of Ta-doped SnO2 thin films
Speaker: Michitaka FUKUMOTO (Hasegawa Lab.)
2017/Feb 16


24th ZESTY Network seminar (2017/Feb 16)

Metal-responsive bifacial DNA base pairing: control of duplex stability and induction of strand exchange
Speaker: Kotaro NISHIYAMA (Shionoya Lab.)
Self-sorting of two hydrocarbon receptors with one carbonaceous ligand
Speaker: Taisuke MATSUNO (Isobe Lab.)
State-selective two-photon double ionization of rare gas atoms induced by high-order harmonics
Speaker: Kana YAMADA (Yamanouchi Lab.)
2016/June 23

23th ZESTY Network seminar (2016/July 5)

Oxidative addition of CH3I to Au– in the gas phase
Speaker: Satoru MURAMATSU (Tsukuda Lab.)
Recent developments on iron-catalyzed directed C-H activation/C-C couplings with carbon nucleophiles
Speaker: Rui SHANG (Nakamura Lab.)
Liang-da CHIU
Hybrid fluorescence-Raman microscopy for the visualization of protein-metabolome interaction
Speaker: Liang-da CHIU (Ozawa Lab.)
2016/June 23