Molecular Imaging & Spectroscopy for Data-Driven Life Sciences & Medicine

Goda Lab is aimed at developing innovative laser-based molecular imaging and spectroscopy technologies together with multi-dimensional analytics that will revolutionize life sciences and medicine. Specifically, the technologies are designed for discovering new biological phenomena, elucidating unknown mechanisms, and exploiting new applications. They are based on an integration of theoretical, experimental, and computational techniques in physics and chemistry combined with molecular cell biology, electrical engineering, computer science, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, applied mathematics, mechanical engineering, and nanotechnology. Another goal of Goda Lab is to produce future global leaders who will shape the world. Directed by Prof. Keisuke Goda, Goda Lab fosters an international and interdisciplinary research environment. Goda Lab constantly seeks for ambitious individuals from any university in any field who have the will to play a leading role in scientific exploration and have a major impact on the world. Furthermore, Goda Lab encourages students to start their own startups based on their research achievements. CYBO is one of such startups that originated from the ImPACT program led by Prof. Kesiuke Goda (see this paper in Cell). Check out our news on Facebook.

Operation of Intelligent Image-Activated Cell Sorting

See our video about the operation of intelligent image-activated cell sorting published in Cell.

University of Tokyo's Promotional Video

Goda Lab's members and research activity are covered in the University of Tokyo's promotional video. See 0:55 and 1:28 in the video below.