We use protein engineering to invent new tools for imaging dynamic biochemical events in live cells and tissues. We distribute these tools to cell biologists and neuroscientists who apply them to address questions ranging from fundamental mechanisms in cell biology, to the underlying causes of mental illness, to the development of novel therapeutics.




The molecules that make our work possible are colourful naturally occurring fluorescent proteins from jellyfish, coral, and other marine organisms. Starting from the gene for a fluorescent protein, we use the techniques of molecular biology, protein engineering, and artificial molecular evolution to create useful research tools. Since these tools are protein based, the instructions to make them can be easily introduced into cells, tissues, or even transgenic model organisms, in the form of DNA.


News / ニュース

New members join our lab!

Four undergraduate students (Marcio, Yutaro, Arata, Shosei), one Master’s student (Ikumi), and one special research student (Carl) join our lab from February to April. Also, two students (Michael and Daniel) have finally arrived in Tokyo!


Open call for a post-doc/assist. prof.(博士研究員/特任助教公募)

We are looking for a talented and motivated post-doctroal level researcher (a postdoctoral fellow or a project assistant professor) in the general area of Chemical Biology including molecular biology, protein engineering, fluorescence spectroscopy, and cell imaging. The details can be found from below. If you are interested, please contact us.
A call for an Project Assistant Professor (English)
A call for a Postdoctoral fellow (English)


Hayato gets Master’s degree

Congratulations Hayato for his Master’s degree! Higher resolution image is here .


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