Messages from Students

新荘 直明

Naoaki Shinjyo

I entered Department of Chemistry as one of the domestic students of Global Science Course. In Department of Chemistry, all the lectures are given in English. At first, I was worried that I would not be able to keep up with English lectures, and that I would lose opportunities to learn technical terms in Japanese. However, these anxieties were cleared when I actually began to take the courses. The professors explained important things repeatedly using both English and Japanese, and they answered our questions any time during and after their lectures, or even after school. The handouts were also written both in English and in Japanese, so I was able to acquire technical terms in the two languages. If the classes had been only in Japanese, my understanding of chemistry would be much shallower than it is now.

The knowledge obtained in the lectures in the morning proved to be useful as soon as in the afternoon of the same day in the lab courses. Transfer and domestic students use the same desk and belong to the same group in the lab courses.

Therefore, we have a lot of chances to make discussions on the results of the experiments in English. These experiences are very good practice for participating in international conferences in the future. Sometimes transfer students pointed out the things I had never noticed before and I learned a lot from them.

In Department of Chemistry, all the professors conduct cutting-edge researches and we enjoy state-of-the-art equipment for experiments. We can also learn all the fields of chemistry, including physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry and geochemistry. We cannot expect better environment if we aim to be a chemist. I hope a lot of students from various countries will be interested in and come to Department of Chemistry. I’m really looking forward to doing cooperative researches with you in the future.

Manuel E. Otero Ramirez

Manuel E. Otero Ramirez

Coming to a university so far away from home to start graduate school in a completely new field was very scary at the beginning, especially considering that I couldn’t speak much Japanese when I first arrived. However, I was gladly surprised to find that professors and students were very flexible, making sure that we understood the content in classes (which were taught in English), while in the laboratory everyone helped me to become used to the work and experiments, facilitating communication and also helping me learn Japanese as much as possible. Having been here for two years, I can say coming has been one of the most valuable and rewarding experiences I’ve had, going through new challenges every day, which motivate me to give the best at what I do.

Furthermore, I find that research is carried out in my lab and this department in a unique way, with my colleagues and professors contributing every day to my growth as a person and a scientist, motivating everyone to become independent and think of new ideas. I’d like to encourage everyone to follow your dreams and what you really want to do without giving up, learn from each challenge you face.


Io Sato

For international students, I think our department is so pleasant and exciting. In our department, you can do all things in English such as lectures, discussions without any hesitation. It will be a very good opportunity for you to explore cutting-edge of science in our department!

Manuel E. Otero Ramirez

Ken-ichi Endo

Chemistry for me

Chemistry is fascinating in many aspects. Especially, I love dealing with really minute and numerous molecules. Chemistry can manipulate ten to the 23rd power of molecules in the flask with various chemical reactions, like a magic. Meanwhile, unexpected results often come out. Then, chemistry becomes an adventure to the world of molecules in nanoscales. In this way, chemistry is always exciting for me.

Why "Department of Chemistry, School of Science"?

Although you can learn about chemistry in many departments, "Department of Chemistry, School of Science" is characteristic in the following two aspects. Firstly, as the simple naming of "Department of Chemistry" implies, the curriculum covers the whole realm of chemistry. I learned a lot about basic chemistry disciplines such as organic chemistry and quantum chemistry, as well as interdisciplinary areas like geochemistry and biochemistry. There are research groups for a variety of research topics, giving a wide range of options. Thus "Department of Chemistry, School of Science" is the best place for me to look over the whole fields of chemistry, the world of atoms and molecules. Secondly, as a member of school of science, a fundamental research is respected in this department. Creation of new materials for the current needs is one of the goals of chemistry, but it is equally important to investigate the basic principles for future development. This spirit was a key for me to choose this department. First of all, please visit the website of each research group and take a glance at research topics.