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If you are interested in doing an internship in Goda Lab, we encourage you to apply to one of the internship programs below. They provide financial support for your internship for a short term (<3 months) or a long term (>1 year). If you have any questions about the internship programs, check the links below and contact their program officers.

University of Tokyo Research Internship Program (UTRIP)
The UTRIP is an intensive summer research program targeted at undergraduate students who have a keen interest in pursuing a graduate degree in the future. During the program, the participants receive guidance on research from faculty. The program is open to students who are currently enrolled in their junior or senior years at an accredited university outside of Japan and majoring in a natural science or related field. Selected applicants will receive a full scholarship that covers flights, lodging, and public transportation.

Amgen Scholars Program (AMGEN)
Supported by the Amgen Foundation, the Amgen Scholars Program allows undergraduate students from across the globe to participate in cutting-edge research opportunities at world-class institutions including the University of Tokyo. Undergraduate participants benefit from undertaking a research project under top faculty, being part of a cohort-based experience of seminars and networking events, and taking part in a symposium in their respective region including Japan where they meet their peers, learn about biotechnology, and hear from leading scientists.

University-Wide Student Exchange Program (USTEP)
The University of Tokyo accepts exchange students from partner universities with which the University has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding concerning student exchange. Applications to USTEP will be accepted through the partner universities' offices responsible for student exchange.

University of California Education Abroad Program (UCEAP)
The UCEAP program at the School of Science, the University of Tokyo, is a six-week summer internship program for University of California students, supported by the University of California. Based on a student exchange agreement between the University of California and the University of Tokyo, this program allows participants to experience cutting-edge research at a world-renowned laboratory.

Students and Researchers Exchange Program in Sciences (STEPS)
The STEPS is a Japan-Russia student exchange program whereby students from the School of Science and Department of Civil Engineering, School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo, study at universities in Russia, thereby providing students of both countries with opportunities for academic exchange to foster young minds who will play a key role in Japan-Russia research exchange going forward. The program is carried out with the support of the Government of Japan under its Re-Inventing Japan Project.