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We actively look for highly motivated students from any university in any discipline who are willing to learn and obtain new knowledge, abilities, and skills in theoretical, experimental, and/or computational research and to make a big impact on science, industry, and/or medicine. While we are in the Department of Chemistry, School of Science, we are not limited to students in chemistry. In fact, we invite applications from students who have different backgrounds such as physics, biology, mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, and even humanities (e.g., sociology, education, law). We foster an international, friendly, interdisciplinary, flat research environment where students enjoy actively interacting with each other and develop their careers in academia, industry, and/or medicine. We also encourage students to launch startups based on their research outcomes and inventions.

If you are interested in joining Goda Lab as a graduate student for the Master's and/or doctoral program, please send an e-mail and a copy of your CV to Prof. Goda. Information about how to apply to the School of Science's graduate programs is available here. Also, financial support is available for graduate students. If you are interested in obtaining financial support during your Master's or Ph.D. study, please check the university's financial support programs such as FoPM, MERIT, SPRING GX, GSGC, and MEXT. There is a very high chance that you will receive a scholarship or stipend. In fact, most graduate students in Goda Lab receive it.