Wenyu Liu

PhD course student

City/country of origin
Zhengzhou, China
Travelling and animation.
Places You Like
Places with beautiful natural scenes.
Where for a big vacation
Tibet. I’ve been to almost all of the sightseeing places in China except Tibet since the altitude there is too high. Really hope to go there some day with families.
What are your strong points?
Listening to others. People here are kind of into tons of topics that I didn’t even think of and the best way to get along with them is to listen.
Music: what is some intense music for intense lab work?
Japanese animation music.
What are people in the lab doing?
Right now they are either peaking Japanese or learning Japanese.
What was surprising about the suga lab
People in the Suga Lab seem to be extremely good at languages. Most of them speak more than two languages other than their mother language. It’s amazing but sometimes terrifying! Just imagine when you are listening to Japanese music and reading English paper and suddenly a US guy who lives in Hongkong and studies in UK speaks to you in Cantonese lol. Interesting but a little bit terrifying!
Original motivation towards science?
To create a world full of love and peace :)
A few words for future lab mates
It’s better to come to the lab early in the morning and leave early at night.
Science is…….
A pure world in which I can concentrate and enjoy.

Education & professional career

Fudan University, Shanghai
The University of Tokyo


Contact info

    • E-mail… wyliu"at"chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (change "at" to @)