Rong Gao

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Many places
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Kyoto or Hokkaido
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What are people in the lab doing?
Working hard, enjoying research from inside, and making life full of fun
What was surprising about the suga lab
Sufficient equipments, friendly environment, well organized training and so many smart people around.
Original motivation towards science?
A few words for future lab mates
Learn some Japanese. If not, still to be OK.
Science is ……
A way I am looking for myself

Education & professional career

Ph.D., Prof. Sidney M. Hecht, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, USA
Postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Xiao-Dong Su, College of Life Sciences, Peking University, Beijing, China
Postdoctoral fellow, Prof. Anthony C. Forster, Pharmacology Department, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN, USA.
Research Scientist, Biodynamic Optical Imaging Center, Peking University, Beijing, China


"Deep sequencing reveals global patterns of mRNA recruitment during translation initiation."
R. Gao; K. Yu; J. Nie; T. Lian; J. Jin; A. Liljas; X.D. Su
Sci Rep, 6, 30170 (2016)
"Structural insights into the broadened substrate profile of the extended-spectrum beta-lactamase OXY-1-1 from Klebsiella oxytoca."
Y.H. Liang; R. Gao; X.D. Su
Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr, 68, 1460-1467 (2012)
"Changeability of individual domains of an aminoacyl-tRNA in polymerization by the ribosome."
R. Gao; A.C. Forster
FEBS Lett, 584, 99-105 (2009)
"Engineering multigene expression in vitro and in vivo with small terminators for T7 RNA polymerase."
L. Du; R. Gao; A.C. Forster
Biotechnol Bioeng, 104, 1189-1196 (2009)
"Effects of modification of the active site tyrosine of human DNA topoisomerase I."
R. Gao; Y. Zhang; L. Dedkova; A.K. Choudhury; N.J. Rahier; S.M. Hecht
Biochemistry, 45, 8402-8410 (2006)
"Synthesis and biological evaluation of 10,11-methylenedioxy-14-azacamptothecin."
M.A. Elban; W. Sun; B.M. Eisenhauer; R. Gao; S.M. Hecht
Org Lett, 8, 3513-3516 (2006)
"On the role of E-ring oxygen atoms in the binding of camptothecin to the topoisomerase I-DNA covalent binary complex."
N.J. Rahier; B.M. Eisenhauer; R. Gao; S.J. Thomas; S.M. Hecht
Bioorg Med Chem, 13, 1381-1386 (2005)
"Synthesis of 14-azacamptothecin, a water-soluble topoisomerase I poison."
N.J. Rahier; K. Cheng; R. Gao; B.M. Eisenhauer; S.M. Hecht
Org Lett, 7, 835-837 (2005)
"Analogues of vaccinia virus DNA topoisomerase I modified at the active site tyrosine."
R. Gao; Y. Zhang; A.K. Choudhury; L.M. Dedkova; S.M. Hecht
J Am Chem Soc, 127, 3321-3331 (2005)
"14-azacamptothecin: a potent water-soluble topoisomerase I poison."
K. Cheng; N.J. Rahier; B.M. Eisenhauer; R. Gao; S.J. Thomas; S.M. Hecht
J Am Chem Soc, 127, 838-839 (2005)
"Water-soluble camptothecin derivatives that are intrinsic topoisomerase I poisons."
N.J. Rahier; B.M. Eisenhauer; R. Gao; S.H. Jones; S.M. Hecht
Org Lett, 6, 321-324 (2004)
"Identification of specific nonbridging phosphate oxygens important for DNA cleavage by human topoisomerase I."
R. Gao; C.D. Claeboe; B.M. Eisenhauer; S.M. Hecht
Biochemistry, 43, 6167-6181 (2004)
"Synthesis and biochemical properties of E-ring modified luotonin A derivatives."
A. Cagir; S.H. Jones; B.M. Eisenhauer; R. Gao; S.M. Hecht
Bioorg Med Chem Lett, 14, 2051-2054 (2004)
"Synthesis and topoisomerase I inhibitory properties of luotonin A analogues."
A. Cagir; B.M. Eisenhauer; R. Gao; S.J. Thomas; S.M. Hecht
Bioorg Med Chem, 12, 6287-6299 (2004)
"3'-modified oligonucleotides by reverse DNA synthesis."
C.D. Claeboe; R. Gao; S.M. Hecht
Nucleic Acids Res, 31, 5685-5691 (2003)
"Luotonin A. A naturally occurring human DNA topoisomerase I poison."
A. Cagir; S.H. Jones; R. Gao; B.M. Eisenhauer; S.M. Hecht
J Am Chem Soc, 125, 13628-13629 (2003)
"The uptake of tocopherols by RAW 264.7 macrophages."
R. Gao; W.L. Stone; T. Huang; A.M. Papas; M. Qiu
Nutr. J., 1, 2 (2002)

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