Ata Abbas

Postdoctoral Fellow

City/country of origin
Playing flute, watching movies, trekking.
Places You Like
I like nature… lakes, mountains, rivers, jungles, beaches
Where for a big vacation
Travel in oceans to some far away islands
What are your strong points?
I am patient and I tend to think in my own original way
What was surprising about the suga lab
Suga Lab culture is really great! You feel free, creative and involved in the cutting edge research. Learning curve is steep because there are immensely knowledgeable people around and always ready to help and discuss.
Original motivation towards science?
I want to contribute a small part, through my own vision, to the total understanding of the truth of this universe and beyond.
Science is…….
In addition to the commonly accepted definitions, to me science is one of the ways to develop newer and newer understandings about everything that is unknown or known by using logical thinking, creativity, and intuitions. Modern science, sometimes, seems to be overlapping with arts, religion or philosophy which is the result of deeper penetration of human consciousness into the ever-elusive reality of the universe and existence from multiple directions. Science, however, remains distinctive in the way that it does not discriminate one observer from the other and scientific knowledge and theories remain universally verifiable within the framework of objective parameters.

Education & professional career

PhD, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, NTU, Singapore
Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University of Tokyo, Japan


Contact info

    • E-mail… ata"at"chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (change "at" to @)