First experimental proof of a chemical reaction theory predicted by quantum mechanics (2017)

Prof. Nakamura editorial "Transmission Electron Microscopy for Chemists" was published in a special issue of Acc. Chem. Rev. editorial account cover page (2017)

2015: Our study on photostable and broadly tunable, solution-processable thin film organic lasers appeared in Nature Communications(2015) pdf

2014: The comments of Prof. Nakamura on Element Strategy appeared in Newton(2014)

Electron transfer in rigid organic wires enhanced by electronic and electron-vibration coupling (2014)

An ambipolar material we have developed was commercialized by Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (2014)

Prof. Nakamura's interview at the website of the School of Science (2014)

How do molecules grow into crystals? (2012)

Movie of a single metal atom catalyzing chemical reaction (2011)

ERATO project summary movie (2010)

In vivo gene delivery by amino fullerene (2010)

Visualization of chemical reactions at atomic level (2010)

Solution-processable organic photovoltaic devices using small molecules (2009)

Practical application of new organophotovoltaic devices (2009)

A New Ambipolar Material for Fabrication of OLEDs at Low Cost (2009)

Imaging of the Passage of Single Organic Molecules through a Nanopore (2008)

Imaging of Conformational Changes of Biomolecule with Amide Linkage (2008)

Watertight Fullerene Bilayer Membrane (2007)

Imaging of Single Organic Molecules in Motion (2007)

Toxic or non-toxic: that is the question-Cytotoxicity of nanocarbons (2006)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of Carbon Nanohorns (2006)

Double-Decker Bucky Ferrocene (2006)

Gene Protection by Amphiphilic Fullerene (2005)

Ultra-rapid Synthesis of 15O-Labeled Deoxyglucose for Positron Emission Tomography (2005)

Carbon nanohorn traps a metal atom in a hole opening (2004)

The Shortest Carbon Nanotube (2003)

Bucky Ferrocenes (2002)

Nanoshuttlecock (2002)

Water-Soluble Fullerene

Cyclopropenone Acetals

Pentahaptofullerene Metal Complexes

Reaction Mechanism of Lithium Organocuprate Cluster

Conferences, Awards and Honors etc

Prof. Nakamura was awarded the Boehringer-Ingelheim-Scripps Lecture from the Scripps Research Institute, California (2016).

Prof. Nakamura was awarded the Wang Yu Lectureship from the Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry (2015).

"Micrographia 350" Public lecture by Prof. Nakamura in Oxford University Podcast (2015).

Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi visited our lab (2015)

Dr. Laurean Ilies was awarded The Banyu Chemist Award (BCA) (2014).

2014: Dr. Arimasa Matsumoto was awarded the Springer Thesis Prize

Prof. Nakamura was awarded The 55th Fujiwara Award (2014)

Prof. Nakamura was awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Prize (2014)

Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi's visit to our lab (2012).

Prof. Nakamura was awarded the Einstein Professorship of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (2010).

Prof. Nakamura became an advisory board member of The Kaiteki Institute Co. (2009).

Prof. Nakamura received the 2010 Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award of ACS (2009).

Dr. Yoshikai was awarded Research Fellowship of National Research Foundation of Singapore (2009).

Prof. Nakamura was elected to the Foreign Honorary Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2008).

Prof. Nakamura gave a lecture at The University of Pennsylvania Symposium Honoring Prof. Madeleine Joullie's 50 Years in Teaching and Research (2007).

Dr. Suenaga received the Sir Martin Wood Prize (Millenium Science Forum, Japan-UK, 2006).

Prof. Nakamura received Humboldt Research Award (Germany) (2006)

Prof. Nakamura has been admitted as a fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. (2005)

Nakamura functional carbon cluster project was inaugurated. (2005)

Meeting Review (Angewandte Chemie) on Tateshina Conference by Prof. Otera (2004)

The Daily Yomiuri picked up the COE program of the department. (2003)

Emeritus Professor Gilbert Stork (Columbia University) was awarded an honorary member from the chemical society of Japan (2002).

The 1st Tateshina Conference on Organic Chemistry (2001)

Cycloaddition and annulation strategies at PACIFICHEM2000 (2000)