ProfessorDr. Eiichi NAKAMURAext. 2-4356nakamura Curriculum Vitae (PDF) Publication list
Introduction by Prof. Roald Hoffmann (pdf)
Associate ProfessorDr. Laurean ILIESext. 2-4368laur Curriculum Vitae (PDF) Publication list
Project Associate ProfessorDr. Koji HARANOext. 2-4369harano Curriculum Vitae (PDF) Publication list
Project LecturerDr. Rui SHANGext. 2-4370rui Curriculum Vitae (PDF) Publication list
Research AdministratorDr. Takao KANEKOext. 2-4370tkaneko
SecretaryAkemi MARUYAMAext. 2-4356maruyama

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Postdoc (JSPS)Dr. Dominik LUNGERICHdominik
Postdoc (JSPS)Dr. Prince RAVATprince
Postdoc Dr. Feng LIUliufeng
Postdoc Dr. Zhongmin ZHOUzhouzm
Researcher Dr. Izuru TAKEIiztakei
Researcher Tatsuya KOMORIt-komori
Researcher Shunpei SUZUKIsh-suzuki
Researcher Kiminori MOCHIZUKImochizuki

D3 Hiroki NISHIOKA (ALPS course student)hirokin
Yuki ITABASHIitabashi
Junfei XING (Japanese Government Scholar, ALPS course student)junfei
Takumi YOSHIDAt-yoshida
D2 Kento INOUE (ALPS course student)inoue
Takenari SATOt-sato
Takuya TSUBOTA (MERIT course student)tsubota
D1 Hiroyoshi HAMADAhamah
M2 Toki GOgo
Satori KOWASHI (ALPS course student)kowashi
Toshiki SHIMIZU (ALPS course student)shimizu-t
Ryosuke SEKINE (MERIT course student)sekine-r
Hiroki HANAYAMA (MERIT course student)hanayama
Haotian YANGtian
M1 Ko KAMEI (ALPS course student) kamei
Takahiro DOBA (MERIT course student) doba
Naoki MATSUSHITAm-naoki
Ziyue QIANGziyue
B4 Shusuke OCHIshu_ochi
Dongxin LIUdongxin

Tateshina Group Seminar

[Tateshina in Autumn 2017]

[Tateshina in Spring 2017]

[Tateshina in Autumn 2016]

[Tateshina in Spring 2016]

[Tateshina in Autumn 2015]

[Tateshina in Spring 2015]

[Tateshina in Autumn 2014]

[Tateshina in Spring 2014]

[Tateshina in Autumn 2013]

[Tateshina in Spring 2013]

[Tateshina in Autumn 2012]

[Tateshina in Spring 2012]

[Tateshina in Autumn 2011]

[Tateshina in Spring 2011]

[Autumn 2010] [Spring 2010]
[Autumn 2009] [Spring 2009]
[Autumn 2008] [Spring 2008]
[Autumn 2007] [Spring 2007]
[Autumn 2006] [Spring 2006]
[Autumn 2005] [Spring 2005]
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Alumni Meeting & Celebration Party

[Prof. Nakamura's 60th Birthday "Kan-reki" party/March 6, 2011]

[Celebration of Prof. Nakamura's "Medal with Purple Ribon"/November 28, 2009]

[20th Anniversary/February 25, 2006]

[Celebration of Prof. Nakamura's CSJ Award/March 21, 2003]


[Visit of Prof. Negishi 2015]

[Visit of Prof. Negishi 2012]

[Football League Title Winter 2016]
With Goda and Isobe groups

[Softball League Title Summer 2006]

[Softball League Title Summer 2002]