z Nakamura Lab.

"Scientists should provide solutions to social problems and dreams for people."

Our group is tackling this goal by means of physical organic chemistry and synthetic chemistry.

Click here for the movie of the Launch Symposium of the Office of the President, Molecular Technology Innovation Chair Laboratory"

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We are now located at the Tokyo University Hospital area, in the brand new "Molecular Innovation Building", 7 floor.
It is 2 minutes walk from the Chemistry Department, east building. Map here


We welcome outstanding postdoctoral applications from talented, motivated individuals in the field of synthetic organic and inorganic chemistry (methodology) and nano-science (related to electrochemistry, photovoltaics, FET). Respond with a CV and a brief statement describing your expertise and interests to nakamura(at)chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp


2017/9: Prof. Nakamura received the JSPS Commendation for Grant Proposal Refereeing.

2018/1: Dr. Rui Shang won the poster silver prize in International Symposium on Energy Science and Technology 2018.

2018/1: Our work on conductive porphyrin nanofiber has appeared on J. Am. Chem. Soc cover.

2017/11: Kiminori Mochizuki won the 2017 Good Design Award

2017/11: Obituary for Prof. Gilbert Stork by Prof. Eiichi Nakamura (pdf)

2017/11: First experimental proof of a chemical reaction theory predicted by quantum mechanics

2017/11: Takumi Yoshida and Takenari Sato won the student presentation prize at The 7th CSJ Chemistry Festa

2017/10: Prof. Nakamura was appointed Honorary Professor of the East China University of Science and Technology (Shanghai)

2017/9: Prof. Nakamura editorial "Transmission Electron Microscopy for Chemists" was published in a special issue of Acc. Chem. Rev. editorial account cover page

2017/9: Satori Kowashi and Hiroki Hanayama won the student poster prize at The 28th Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry

2017/8: Hiroki Hanayama was awarded the poster award at The 5th MERIT Self-Directed Camp.

2017: Our paper was highlighted in Chemistry World (link)and Innovations Report (link)

2017/6: Kiminori Mochizuki won the "Korekara architecture Award" of the Tokyo Architects and Building Engineers Society

2017: Dr. Rui Shang was appointed as Project Lecturer.

2016: Dr. Yunlong Guo moved to Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Science as Professor.

2016/10: Ryosuke Sekine and Hiroki Hanayama were selected MERIT course students, and Satori Kowashi and Toshiba Shimizu were selected ALPS course students

2016/10: Our laboratory was presented in "Japanese Architecture and Urbanism" journal

2016/10: Dr. Satoshi Okada won the ChemNanoMat poster prize at AsiaNano2016

2016/09: Mr. Kento Inoue won the student poster prize at The 27th Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry

2016/08:A picture of our laboratory won the 2016 Image Contest of the School of Science, University of Tokyo

2016/07/03: Symposium: Chemistry - A Bridge between Molecular and Real Worlds. Click HERE for details

2016/07/02: Symposium on Frontiers of Molecular Science and Technology (Zasshikai seminar 1621st-1626th). Click HERE for details

2016: Dr. Kazutaka Shoyama won the student presentation prize at The 96th Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan

2016: Prof. Eiichi Nakamura was appointed as Molecular Technology Innovation Chair Professor.

2016: Dr. Yunlong Guo was appointed as Project Associate Professor.

2016: Dr. Hayato Tsuji moved to Kanagawa University as Professor.

2016: Dr. Koji Harano received The 9th Kazato Research Encouragement Prize.

2016: Dr. Koji Harano received The 65th Chemical Society of Japan Award for Young Chemists.

2016: Mr. Satoshi Okada won the best student presentation award at The symposium on Organic Solid-State Chemistry: Structure, Property & Reactivity (#398) of Pacifichem 2015

2016/01/12: Launch Symposium of Corporate Sponsored Research Program "Molecular Technology Innovation" Click HERE for details

2015: Dr. Laurean Ilies received Incentive Award in Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan

2015: "Micrographia 350" Public lecture by Prof. Nakamura in Oxford University Podcast (2015).

2015: Our study on photostable and broadly tunable, solution-processable thin film organic lasers appeared in Nature Communications.

2015: Amgen summer student who visited us (picture) in the news.

2015: We held a summer workshop "Chemistry gives fullerene wings" for undergraduate students.

2015: Dr. Koji Harano received Rising Star Prize (CREST, JST).

2015: Our paper on single-crystal OFET of naphtodifurans (reported by Dr. Chikahiko Mitsui et al.) was awarded Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan Award and selected as a cover picture.

2015: Prof. Nakamura was appointed concurrent professor of Nanjing University and Nanjing Technical University

2015: Mr. Tatsuaki Matsubara and Mr. Junya Yamada won the student presentation prize at The 95th Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan

2015: Dr. Laurean Ilies received The Young Scientists Prize (The Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

2015: Dr. Koji Harano was appointed as Project Associate Professor of Organization for Interdisciplinary Research Projects.

2015: Prof. Ei-ichi Negishi (Chemistry Nobel Prize 2010) visited our laboratory

2015: Our paper about DNA binding of pentaamino[60]fullerene was selected as "Editor's Choice" of Chemistry Letters.

2015: "10 Years Ago And Now: Eiichi Nakamura" appeared in ChemistryViews

2015: Dr. Hideyuki Tanaka moved to Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo as Lecturer.

2014: The comments of Prof. Nakamura on Element Strategy appeared in Newton

2014: Dr. Laurean Ilies received The Thieme Chemistry Journal Award 2015

2014: Mr. Tatsuaki Matsubara won the outstanding poster award at The 4th CSJ Chemistry Festa

2014: Dr. Laurean Ilies received The Banyu Chemist Award (BCA)

2014: In the 25th Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry, Mr. Hiroki Nishioka and Tomoya Nakamura were awarded the poster prize. Mr. Tomoya Nakamura was also awarded the RSC Awards (Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry).

2014: Our study on electron transfer in rigid organic wires enhanced by electronic and electron-vibration coupling appeared in Nature Chemistry.

2014: Dr. Shunsuke Furukawa moved to Saitama University as Assistant Professor.

2014: Mr. Tatsuaki Matsubara won the best poster award at The 26th International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC2014)

2014: Dr. Arimasa Matsumoto was awarded the Springer Thesis Prize

2014: Our paper on coumarin-appended fullerene vesicle was selected as "Editor's Choice" and a cover picture of Chemistry Letters.

2014: Prof. Nakamura received The 55th Fujiwara Award

2014: Prof. Nakamura was awarded Royal Society of Chemistry Centenary Prize 2014

2014: A paper of ours on dibenzochrysenes (reported by Dr. Yasuyuki Ueda et al.) was highlighted in ChemView

2014: An ambipolar material we reported, CZBDF, has been released from Tokyo Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

2014: In the 94th annual meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, Dr. Koji Harano and Dr. Chao Liu were awarded the best presentation prize, and Mr. Hirohisa Nitta and Mr. Rui Shang were awarded student presentation prize

2014: Prof. Nakamura's interview was highlighted at the website of the School of Science

2014: Dr. Laurean Ilies was appointed Associate Professor.

2014: Ms. Mayuko Isomura recieved Incentive Award of the School of Science

2014: Our fullerene radical FET paper is highlighted in JACS Spotlights

2014: A statement of Prof. Nakamura was highlighted in Chemcal & Engineering News "Quotes & Photos of the year"

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