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oLibrary Inside University, Search Engine, etc.
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Library Inside University, Search Engine, etc.

oThe University of Tokyo Library System
oPhysics Library, Faculty of Science
oLibrary of Information Science, Faculty of Science
oLibrary of Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science (Japanese)
oLibrary of Department of Earth & Planetary Science, Faculty of Science
oGraduate School of Mathematical Sciences Library    
oLibraries of School of Engineering (Japanese)
oLibrary, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Japanese)
oMedical Library
oLibrary for Agricultural Life Sciences
oFaculty Library of Economics
oLibrary, Faculty of Law (Japanese)
oLibrary, Faculty of Letters (Japanese)
oKomaba Library (Formerly: Library of College of Arts and Sciences)(Japanese)
oISSP(The Institute for Solid State Physics) Library
oLibrary, Institute for Industrial Science (Japanese)
oLibrary of the Earthquake Research Institute
oLibrary of Historiographical Institute (Japanese)
oLibrary of the Institute of Oriental Culture
oISICS Newspaper and Multi-Media Center (Japanese)
oGeneral Library
oInternational Documentation Center (Japanese)
oDigital Library Division, Information Technology Center, The University of Tokyo
oDepartment of Chemistry, the University of Tokyo
oThe University of Tokyo

You can search An Introduction to Researchers/Scholars at the University of Tokyo from this page.

oEducational Campuswide Computing System at Information Technology Center

The members of the University of Tokyo can get the account.Please read "About new account" document (Japanese).

oIndex to Resources on Internet(Explanation is in Japanese)

You can search homepages of academic informations by keywords and classification.

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Library Outside University, Search Engine, etc.

oNational Institute of Informatics = NII (National Center for Science Information Systems is reorganized)

You can search:
Books and journals in the holding of libraries operated by universities, research institutes, etc. in Japan

GeNii (Grobal Environment for Networked Intellectual Information)

CiNii(Citation Information by Nii) - Search for papers, theses, etc.

oIndustrial Property Digital Library

It's a database for patent information held by the JPO(Japanese Patent Office).

oNational Diet Library, Japan

You can search Japanese books(from 1948) and Foreign books(from 1986) which are owned by National Diet Library and minutes of the Diet in Japan(Explanation is in Japanese.).

oJST - Japan Science and Technology Corporation

You can search:
ReaD - Directory Database of Research and Development Activities
JREC-IN - Japan Research Career Information Network
JST OPAC(Explanation is in Japanese.)
JSTAGE - Japan Science and Technology Information Aggregator, Electronic

oWWW Servers in Japan (Libraries)

Maintained by Tokyo Institute of Technology Library.

oLIBWEB - Library Servers via WWW

Maintained by Thomas Dowling of UC Berkeley.

oDigital Library Network (DLnet)

Programs and records of the series of workshops on Digital Libraries at University of Library and Information Science

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Chemistry(in Japan)


It's a link page of forums of chemistry for the members of @nifty.
*Non-members of the @nifty can use the part of the pages.

oWWW servers for physics

Maintained by Physical Society of Japan.

oYahoo! Japan: Science/Chemistry (Explanation is in Japanese.)
oRIKEN - The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research
oMolecular Spectroscopic Constants Database

Maintained by National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research.

oQuantum Chemistry Literature DataBase

Maintained by QCDB group and National Center for Science Information Systems (NACSIS).


Chemistry Physics Mailing List.(Explanation is in Japanese. )

oJapan Chemical Week

You can read the latest front-page articles, head lines, and back numbers of the Japan Chemical Week(in Japanese), maintained by the Chemical Daily Co.,Ltd..
"Japan Chemical e-data Search", You can search the chemical products, chemical related companies and custom manufacturing technologies. Maintained by the Chemical Business e-data.

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oChemical Abstracts Service(CAS)

You can access to STN Easy from this page.

oChemFinder.Com (CambridgeSoft Corporation)

You can search chemical information by a chemical name, CAS Number, molecular formula, or molecular weight.

Members(Free Membership) can use abstracts of journals and databases(ex.Beilstein Abstracts).

oDepartment of Chemistry, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
oDepartment of Chemistry, University of Sheffield

They provide Chemdex(an international directory of chemistry on the internet), WebElements(the periodic table on the WWW), etc.

oChemistry section of the WWW Virtial Library

Maintained by the University of Liverpool, Department of Chemistry.

oBiomaterials Properties Database (University of Michigan)
oThe WWW Chemical Structures Database

Maintained by TORVS(Techniques for Organic Reactions, Visualization, and Spectroscopy) Research Team, Computer Chemistry Center, Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

oChemical Physics Preprint Database

Maintained by the Department of Chemistry at Brown University and the Theoretical Chemistry and Molecular Physics Group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

oEnvirofacts Master Chemical Integrator(EMCI) Chemical References

Maintained by U.S.Environmental Protection Agency.

oGoogleGoogle Scholar / Google Print
oHazardous Chemical Database

Maintained by Department of Chemistry, University of Akron.

oICSCs(International Chemical Safety Cards)

An international programe on Chemical Satety Project.

oChemical and Other Safety Information

Maintained by the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry Laboratory, Oxford University.


Maintained by Vermont Safety Information Resources, Inc..

oNIST Chemistry WebBook

You can search by formula,CAS registry number, etc.


Internet drug Index.

oSigma-Aldrich Home Page

You can search product informations, technical documents, etc.

Maintained by John Wiley & Sons.

oWhere to Find Material Safety Data Sheets on the Internet

Maintained by Interactive Learning Paradigms Incorporated.

oXAFS Database

Maintained by the International XAFS Society.

oOrganic Chemistry Org.

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Institute, Society(Chemistry)

oThe Chemical Society of Japan
oThe Chemical Software Society of Japan
oThe Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry
oThe Society of Chemical Engineers, Japan
oAcademic Society HomeVillage

It's a link page of academic societies' home pages in Japan.

oThe American Chemical Society Science and Matters - brought to you by the scientists of the ACS

oACS publications

oIUPAC(International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)
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Publisher, Journal

oKagaku Dojin

You can see the contents of "Kagaku(Chemistry)".

oACS Publications

Journal of American Chemical Society, Journal of Organic Chemistry, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Accounts of Chemical Research, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Reviews, etc.
**You can see the contents of them.

oThe Royal Society of Chemistry

JCS(Journal of Chemical Society) Series: Chemical Communications, Dalton Transactions, Perkin Transactions 1, Perkin Transactions 2, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, etc.
**You can see the contents of them.

oElsevier Science

In the advanced search, you can search on journal tables of contents and abstracts.

oScirus - Science-specific search engine available on the Internet.


They provide "Online Libraries" service.


They provide "Dialog Library" service.

oMaruzen Co.

You can search books(Explanation is in Japanese.) and publishers in the world.

oKinokuniya Co.

You can search books and international magazines.(Explanation is in Japanese.)

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