General Information
Chemistry Building, Hongo Campus, The University of Tokyo
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  Local route map of University
  Campus map (Hongo Campus)
  Chemistry Building
Evening of Nov. 26th, Thursday. We will enjoy the night.
* Supported by Rennes University group, CNRS.
Friendly dinner
Evening of Nov. 27th, Friday. We will enjoy the night.
Accommodation List
  Forest Hongo
  Ochanomizu St. Hills Hotel
  Hotel Park Side
Registration Fee
12,000 JPY. Payment will be done on-site by cash (JPY).
Students can participate in the Workshop for free.
Organizing Committee
Hervé Cailleau
Eric Collet
              JapanShin-ichi Ohkoshi
Local Organizing Committee
Hiroko Tokoro
Kenta Imoto
Kosuke Nakagawa