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Please contact Prof. Hasegawa (hasegawa-at-chem.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp, replace "-at-" by "@") for available positions or lab. tour arrangement.

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GCOE International Internship program

We have an internship program, in which PhD. students visit other research groups in foreign countries and stay there up to 3 months. This program is financed by Global Center of Excellence (GCOE) program, and many students visit European and American universities every year.

Recent theme topics

2010 (FY2009)

PhD theses
Electrical Properties and Electronic Stases of Transparent Conductive Oxides: Anatase Ti1-xNbxO2+δ
Magnetic and dielectric properties of EuTiO3 epitaxial thin films
Master theses
Phase stability and dielectric properties in layered perovskite Sm2Ti2O7 epitaxial thin films
Measurement of Conductance Fluctuation at Molecular Nanojunctions
Room temperature synthesis of orientation-controlled anatase TiO2 thin film on glass substrate
Study of Spin States of Organic Light Emitting Diodes for Higher Efficiency
Transport properties and electronic states of anatase Ti1-xWxO2 and LiyTiO2 epitaxial thin films
Senior thesis [in Japanese]

Career after graduation

Fuji Electric Systems, Tokyo Electron Ltd., The Boston Consulting Group, Toyota Central R&D Labs., Inc., Saitama Prefecture, FUJIFILM Corp., Japan AE Power Systems Corp., RIKEN (2), Keio Univ., Renesas Technology Corp., Univ. Tokyo, TDK, Panasonic, Fujitsu, Kyusyu Univ., KAST (Kanagawa Academy of Science and Technology), Sumitomo Chemicals, Nomura Securities Co., Nikon, SONY, AGC, Toray, Konica Minolta