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Jun 2012
Apl 2012
Jan 2012
  • Dr. Hideyuki Kamisaka was appointed as a project assistant professor.
Sep 2011
July 2011
  • Ms. Miho Otaki left the lab. and study in Harbard University.
May 2011
Apr 2011
Mar 2011
Jan 2011
Dec 2010
Nov 2010
Oct 2010
Aug 2010
  • Dr. Yang Chang was appointed as a G-COE post-doctoral researcher.
Jul 2010
Jun 2010
  • The publication list has been updated.
  • Prof. Tomoteru Fukumura was appointed as an associate professor.
May 2010
Apr 2010
Mar 2010
  • 2 researchers, 2 PhD. students, 5 master students and 1 undergraduate student graduated from our group.
  • The publication list has been updated.
Feb 2010
Jan 2010
Dec 2009 A reserach on highly sensitive and rapid measurement of gas barrier properties went out to the public via a news release (only in Japanese). The article about this study will appear in Appl. Phys. Express.
The publication list has been updated.
Nov 2009 A new member joined us.
A collaboration about very high temperature annealing with Sakaguchi E.H VOC Corp. (Tokyo, Japan) was broadcast on MX TV (Nov 28 and Nov 30).
Dr. Akira Chikamatsu was promoted as an assistant professor.
Oct 2009 Ms. Yuki Kihira was awarded the Best Poster Award of Asia Nanotech Camp 2009, organized by the Asia Nanotech Forum.
Sep 2009 A new member joined us.
Aug 2009 Research on epitaxial layered rhombohedral LiCoO2 films was picked up in the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun. The original article is available Appl. Phys. Express 2, 085502 (2009).
Jul 2009 The 1st Film-based Organic Device Symposium was hold on July 24 (Fri).
Jun 2009 Introductory video (in Japanese) is now available.
May 2009 New articles are available in Ceramics, May 2009 (in Japanese) and Gekkan Display (in Japanese), respectively.
Apr 2009 New memebers joined us.
May 2008 Mr. Nakao received Lecture encouragement prize (Japan Society of Applied Physics).
Dr. Akira Chikamatsu was appointed as a project assistant professor.
Apr. 2008 Dr. Yasushi Hirose was appointed as an assistant professor.


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